Non thesis masters in biology

Non thesis masters in biology, Print this page as a pdf about this page the material on this page represents the official policies of the department of biological sciences.

We offer two different masters degrees that do not require the student to develop a thesis masters in biology, non-thesis track. Thesis vs non-thesis: what’s the difference non-thesis students will have to write a of biological science’s graduate handbook and thesis. How can the answer be improved.

The non-thesis master's program share this page: biology now offers a primarily coursework master's degree, also called a “plan b” master’s, designed for students seeking additional exposure and training in sub-disciplines within biology without the emphasis placed on original research by the thesis ms or phd. Students in the ms (non-thesis) program in biology take coursework full or part-time over 3-5 semesters (example shown above) up to 6 credit hours of graduate coursework can be transferred from another institution, by negotiation upon entrance to the program. 1 non-thesis master’s program department of biological sciences texas tech university revised december 2013 the non-thesis master’s degree programs in biology.

This ms, non-thesis, degree program is designed to provide post-baccalaureate training in any area of biology, primarily through the completion of traditional lecture and laboratory courses this degree program can be completed in as little as one year, but multiple-year plans of study can also be accommodated.

  • The non-thesis option requires twenty-nine credits in formal courses and special assignments (independent study, research and reading) and one credit in seminar.

The non-thesis ms in biology degree program in the department of biological sciences is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced studies in professional and graduate school or various vocational opportunities in biological sciences and.

Non thesis masters in biology
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